Sunday, December 4, 2011

What the STUCK?

So ever since my last fill two weeks on Tuesday by band has been temperamental. Some days I get stuck on foods I shouldn't. Some days I can eat food I should be get stuck on. It's like a fucking food game. I did have my first experience with getting unstuck at a Mexican restaurant. I just excused myself from the table & went to the bathroom. Got unstuck then went back to the table and watched everyone eat. I never wanna eat after I get unstuck even though I'm still hungry. I feel like I can only eat real food after 7/8 pm. Since being off work my food choices have been a little better. I'm almost under 300lbs. I'm almost down FORTY POUNDS. I'm so excited. I'm at 303lb as of yesterday. Although I'm up today I always keep the lower number in my head and ork to get below it. I also think my band gets tigher when I'm on my period. Does anyone else feel that way with their band?

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Cece said...

I read once that the band is diff every day for every person for every one. I've never gotten stuck so no advice from me on that ... congrats on your progress ... you're doinggreat !