Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stress Leave.

So today I went to the doctor & I'm DEPRESSED!! Shocking right. I'm also beyond stress that the doctor thinks I'm losing my hair because of stress. So I'm going to see a therapist weekly and I'm going to go back on meds. I hate meds I've been on & off of them for years. They make me feel like I'm a zombie. I'm hoping they will just get me back on track and I can be back to normal. Part of me is more stress because I'm off work although I know I'll get paid it still very stressful having my pay and hands with the doctor.

Also one of my roommates has chosen to move out which stresses me out too because no part of my extra income is gone. So now I'm in the search of another roommate. I'm hoping that will work out. -sigh-

So I'll be out of work for at least 4-6 weeks. I should have lots of time to blog.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Yesterday, I went to my first college football game! It's was awesome. It was at Kauffmen Stadium where the Kansas City Chiefs play. It's the longest sanding rivalry 120 years. This is most likely the last border wars game because MU moved conferences and is no long in the BIG 12. This game was very important because this game was a tie breaker game. The score was 55-55-9 so whoever one this game basically has the title of border war champs. So I got to my girlfriends at 9:45 am. The started tailgating at around 10:30 am. I had a protein shake with cake vodka & let me tell you it was so goooooooooooood! Then I had through out the day 3 smirnoff and one beer. I ate peanuts and chili/cheese nachos half of them atleast. I tried to make good choices but I figured I never go out and have fun so I'm gonna live a little. After the game which we(MU) won. 24-10! After the game we went to my friend parents house because they were out of town for the Staley State Champ game which is one of the 4 Highschools in the NKC school district btw they also won state champ. It was a great time. I can't wait to go to another game I hope the next was will be a NFL game. Also I will make better clothing choices. I wore ballet flats, jeans, a long sleeve shit and a MU shirt over it. I was so cold. It was 55 and raining when I left the house and I didn't think it was to bad but then the rain stopped and wind started. I froze to death but it was so worth it.

Also I weighed myself this morning & have lost another 4lbs in one day even after bad food choices. I was shocked. Total lost is now 34lbs since 8.16.11 :-)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Fill :-)

So I had another fill today. I got .8 in my band. I'm upto 5.7 although my doctor says I have 5.5 but on the paper she gave me it adds up to 5.7. I signed up for MyFitnessPal.com :-) I joined the band wagon. I'm hoping it will help me stay on track with my food intake.

I signed up for school today. I'm taking 3 classes in the spring :-) I was really worried I wouldn't get into the class I need to "start" my program in the fall but there was one spot that open up today & I grab it like nothing else. I'm hoping that work will work around my shift.

I feel like everyday I have some sort of appointment. Tomorrow I have the cable guy because our internet is sooooooooooo slow & I have the DryBasement people coming out to estimate how much it will cost to fix my basement. Then Thursday is Thanksgiving & I would be eating maybe some taders but that's about it. I feel like I have something Friday I'm not sure. The Monday I have a follow up with the CPAP people then I have a dentist appointment (I might have to move the dentist appointment only because I don't think I'll make it from one appointment to another since there is only a hour in between.) Then Tuesday I see a therapist. There's just been so much going on since May I need someone to talk too because I'm so stress out.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!! Please don't call you credit card company that day. I will be working LOL

P.S. I also took my measurement today. So I can start tracking it. I think I'll update that weekly with my weight loss.

Bust 53"
Chest 49 1/2"
Waist 48"
Hips 55"
Thighs 30"
Calves 18 1/2"
Upper Arm 17"
Lower Arm 12"

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I love fur-children. I'm dog sitting for my parents while they go to the lake to check up on my grandmother and have some alone parent time since it's their anniversary yesterday. They've been married 24 years. I'm so happy to say my parents still love each other very much and they are still together. Not a lot of people my age can say that.

So I get to watch my fur-brother Gizmo who is a 2 year old POM which I absoutly love with all my heart. He's such a great dog. Then I get to watch my Fur-Uncle Yoda who is my grandmothers dog who is in NC visiting family for 2 months. She will be coming home soon. I can't wait because I miss her a lot. She really supports me in my weightloss. She buys all my protein powder for me and anything I need weight loss wise since I can't afford it by myself.

I also was told by my parents I had to "watch" my brother who is 16 almost 17 because without my parents here he'd most likely not eat the entire weekend. I think it's a guy thing they just play video games and drink pop and forget about actual food.

Still nobody has let me know how to join in on the secret bandit :-( I think of making a care package for my aunt who had her Surgery a month ago. So now I have a total of 3 Aunt and 1 Uncle who all have the lapband. 3/4 live in texas though :-(


Thursday, November 17, 2011


I just got called at work for another interview & this job would be 2 pay grades higher then what I make now!! Please pray I get out of my current position. I need a new position at work so bad. I'm miserable.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Will someone tell me how to become...

A SECRET BANDIT!!!!! I love the idea and wanna join in too.. So someone tell me how I become a secret bandit!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Meet Me On Monday!!

"Meet Me On Monday!" Blogging is a funny thing...we tell our most intimate thoughts for all to read and yet most of the time I find myself sitting and wondering, "who is this person!?" I know them...but yet I don't know them! I want to know who the person is behind all those words so I thought of a great way for all of us to "meet" each other!

Every Sunday Never Growing Old will post five get to know you questions that you can copy and paste into your own Monday post and we can all learn a little more about each and every one of us!!


1. Does your family/friends know about your blog? The only person who knows about my blog is my best friend Cami. My ex-boyfriend & his stalker wife (because he was never man enough to actually get divorced while we were together) & her friends stalk my blog but that's everyone who knows about my blog.

2. What is your favorite card game? My favorite card game is called "Lunch Money". My father got me into this game as a child because we used to play for pennies. This card game simulates children (a little girl is featured on all cards) running around the playground beating up each other and stealing their lunch money. Once you get past the strange theme, there's a fun little game where players beat each other senseless with cards like 'Poke in the Eye', 'Uppercut', and 'Humiliation.' Not for the weak willed, this game is mean. The last player still standing wins.

3. What do you wear to bed? When I have a boyfriend I sleep naked just because another body adds extra heat and I get to warm but when I sleep alone I wear a t-shirt and boxers (men boxers I steal as tokens when I was younger)

4. What is your favorite kind of French Fry? I don't eat french fries often but when I do I like mine kinda soggy. I like thick and thin but just a little under cooked.

5. What is your usual bed time? Well since I work nights I don't usually get off work till 11pm so I usually don't go to bed until around 1am or 2am.

I also wanted to let everyone know I've lost another 2lbs this week. I hope it keeps coming off this well. I know Thanksgiving won't be bad for me because we aren't having one. My grandmother is having radiation so my mom is driving to St. Louis to be with her at the hospital. My other grandmother is in NC. So it will just be my dad, brother & I. We are going to eat chinese. Yum!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ugh, Ugh & some more UGH!

I haven't being doing so well with my band lately. I'm very dissapointed in myself. I feel like I can't get out of this rut. I haven't been making very good food choices. On Monday night I come home from work (BTW I had a awesome day at work) I was just going to have a protein shake and go to bed I wasn't even hungry but my roommate (not that it's her fault she not banded) was eating PIZZA ROLLS first I had 3 off her plate then I "thought" I was hungry so I went and made myself a plate which I should of only had 5-10 maybe but I didn't even count how many I made. I ended up eating them all & getting stuck then I threw up 5 times it was so painful I was crying and seriously thought I had hurt myself and my band. On Tuesday I called into work I was in so much pain so I stayed on mushy/soup all day. I feel better today but I'm hoping to have more protein. I've noticed I'm losing my hair. :-( Everything else is okay.  I thought I'd update. I want to write more but I never know what to say.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I couldn't wait until this evening to blog about this. So I bought these Lane Bryant pants back in May for my birthday mind you I already wear a 6 in pants in there stupid way of measuring pant sizes. I bought two pairs because they were on sale. I get the home and try to put them on and let me tell you they wouldn't even come up pass my ass. I've lost 30lbs since I've been banded and let me tell you they fit. They fit very snug but they fit. I gainned so much confidence with just getting them to fit that I feel like I could take over the world. I do look pretty hot today for my interview!! Pray I get this position so I don't have to leave my current company. :-)