Saturday, November 19, 2011


I love fur-children. I'm dog sitting for my parents while they go to the lake to check up on my grandmother and have some alone parent time since it's their anniversary yesterday. They've been married 24 years. I'm so happy to say my parents still love each other very much and they are still together. Not a lot of people my age can say that.

So I get to watch my fur-brother Gizmo who is a 2 year old POM which I absoutly love with all my heart. He's such a great dog. Then I get to watch my Fur-Uncle Yoda who is my grandmothers dog who is in NC visiting family for 2 months. She will be coming home soon. I can't wait because I miss her a lot. She really supports me in my weightloss. She buys all my protein powder for me and anything I need weight loss wise since I can't afford it by myself.

I also was told by my parents I had to "watch" my brother who is 16 almost 17 because without my parents here he'd most likely not eat the entire weekend. I think it's a guy thing they just play video games and drink pop and forget about actual food.

Still nobody has let me know how to join in on the secret bandit :-( I think of making a care package for my aunt who had her Surgery a month ago. So now I have a total of 3 Aunt and 1 Uncle who all have the lapband. 3/4 live in texas though :-(


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Cece said...

I responded to you in email. Secret bandit got started in July. You had to join in July. If you joined, you got a name and were to send little trinkets, gifts, motivation, etc (at least once a month) to your Secret Bandit. It's almost over - ends in December. Hope you've enjoyed your babysitting job ! :)