Friday, September 2, 2011


So far I've lost 15lb since surgery. I'm very happy with this number.  Today although I'm running out of clothes because I'm in between sizes. Well my mom bought me these capri's on 4th of July weekend at walmart in a 26 because I forgot to pack more then one pair of bottoms & well they didn't fit and I was supposed to take them back well I never did so today after looking for pants I see this bag I open the bag and then there's the pants. I didn't know if I'd fit in them even though I'm a 26 I guess all brands run differenet. I slipped them on with no problem. I'm so excited. I will also be going to the lake this weekend very excited to see my grandma. I'm sure she's going to be very tired she just had another round of chemo.  I pray everyday god will take the cancer away. The cancer is shrinking but on the 21st she goes for a cat scan to see if they have shrunk enough for surgery then she has to choose to have the surgery to remove part of her lung. I hope what ever she picks will extend her life. I can't wait to see all my family. <3 Life is great. I hope everyone is doing great.

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Cece said...

Ahhhh ... loose cloths :) enjoy the feeling and I'm sure there is more to come ! I'm sure your grandma will be thrilled to see you're right - life is great !