Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not feeling very hot!!!

I called in to work today. I was in so much pain today(not from the surgery but from my fibromyalgia)). I'm going to apply for FMLA because I'm out of sick time due to when I was out of work in July due to my body going numb which I know found out is because I have two pinched nerves, one in my back and one in my neck. I have to start physical therapy in Oct. Although I was sick this morning I had a lot of morning sickness (NO I'M NOT PREGNANT) it was horrid I've been having it for about a week now but afterwards all day I eat. Although I had a fill on Tuesday I feel like I'm still eating pretty normal. I'm still losing weight which is good but I have to stop eating. All day I've been freezing also. I had to take a scalding shower to be able to feel my hands and feet again. I'm warm now but man was I cold all day. I'm hoping I can go back to work tomorrow.  I wish my scars would heal a little bit better. I still have to strings coming out of my scars. Well I'm off to bed hopefully I feel better tomorrow. <3

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Cece said...

Wow ! I hope you're feeling better soon :)