Sunday, September 11, 2011

I love mexican food but...

The mexicans who live behind sure do party hard for a little kids birthday. It's almost 1am. I'm laying in bed windows open due to the weather being so great but I can't sleep because my back yard is like a mexican night club. I've never even seen them in their backyard until today & I've lived her since May.

I have exciting news. One of my ex who I haven't talked to in almost 4 years popped back into my life. It's so amazing. He was like this is so odd I was just talking about you to a buddy last night & didn't know how I could get a hold of you. His name is JR & well he's a sweet a country boy can get. He's had a daughter since I've last seen him and let me tell you she so beautiful. So it's real good to get back in touch with people from my past for the most part.

Life is going so great. I'm so happy that my life is back to normal. I was supposed to have another female roommate but that didn't work out so it's just me & B. I think I'm okay with that at the moment. I can afford everything so. I'm gonna go try to get some rest.

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Cece said...

Glad the old friend was still a good one !