Monday, January 2, 2012

24 hour detox!

So I've chosen to do the 24 hour detox with a bunch of ladies on Back To Basics on facebook. If your on facebook & have had WLS or not I'd highly recommend you join! It really helps you keep accountable. I have finally lost some weight. I lost another 2 lbs I'm down to 294.2. I will be updating through out the day to tell you about my journey though the detox!

10:00am: Check drank the Detox Juice (It didn't taste that bad).
11:00am: Drinking my water as I type!
12:00pm: Detox Jucice starting to not taste as good as I thoght.
1:00pm: Drinking my water... I'm not hungry.
2:00pm: Detox Juice (starting to taste super bad)
3:00pm: Water was delayed due to roommate
4:00pm: Drank water & Detox Juice
5:00pm: Water (back on track)
6:00pm: Detox Juice went to walmart had to pee so bad.
7:00pm: CRAMPS!!!! WATER!
8:00pm: Detox Juice - Still having super bad cramps but I'm determinded not to give up I was getting kind of hungry but I got on the Wii for 15 min and worked out.
9:00pm: Water & sat in the bathtub for almost a hour due to my cramps.
10:00pm Detox juice I kinda think it better again lol
11:00pm Drank my last of water took my pills and headed to bed with a heating pad due to cramos.

All in all it wasn't as hard as I thought. I wasn't hungry. You do pee a lot. I think I would have felt even better if I hadn't started my period. I will post how much I lost tomorrow.

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Cami said...

How did the rest of the detox/fast go?