Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Raining Losers.

It's not raining men in my world.. It's raining losers. Every guy I like or go on a date with seem to be loser until I met A. He was smart, adventuresous, very funny & he was handsome.. I felt like we had a connection. Then after our date he if texted me to make sure I made it home okay.  Then the next day I barely heard from him. He said he was sick then today I haven't heard one thing from him. I'm not sure what to think. I mean even if he was sick it's not hard to text.  I hate when everything is going right then boom out of no where men just stop talking.. at least tell me what you don't like about me.  I know I shouldn't care & it was only one date but it was one date I havent had in a long time that went so wonderfully. 

I'm also sick & tired of people saying your so young you'll find someone one.. how the fuck do you know?  Or on the other hand my mother who is always throwing in my face that when she was my age she had a baby & was married. There nothing more in life I want then to be married & have a family. I just kinda have to wait until a man finds me.  

I know I need to focus on myself but I'd love to have someone next to me. I like someone I could tell everything.. someone I look forward to seeing.. I just hope my time is soon.


Momto4redheads said...

I remember feeling the same way at your age....I thought married by 23, kids by 25...but that's not what life had in store for me...married at 27..yikes! It's hard to wait when you know what you want. I hope you meet someone VERY soon...or that A gets his head out of his a** lol!!!

FritoBandito said...

The loser pool is deeper at me. Keep trying while you are still young...better odds.

Momto4redheads said...

I nominated you for an award!

Mewizza said...

what award is that?

Mandy said...

Could you please re-follow my blog! I changed the URL and now everyone who follows my blog can not see my new posts in their blog feed.

Thank you,