Wednesday, January 12, 2011

6 Months Of Torture

I have been advised my surgery has been post-poned until I complete 6 months of Supervised Weight Loss Program. I feel so crushed. I wish I had never switched insurance. I didn't have to do this with my other insurance. It's to late to switch back now. So I have a Dr. Appt next week to start this stupid supervised weight loss shit. I'm pretty depressed that I have to wait another 6 months.


IrishLassy said...

Sorry to hear Melissa! Just stay focused on losing a little at a time! They want to know that you can adapt and stick to a change of lifestyle! But good luck with it and keep us posted!

Heather said...

Ugh that sucks! Be careful with that though, often times you can't even get it after 6 months. I was in that situation a few years ago, and if I lost the 50 pounds they wanted I wouldn't need the band (so they didn't approve me)... not to mention they didn't want to do the band, they were pretty set on bypass.

I just switched to a PPO prior to my surgery, it's a little more a month but at least they covered it.

Jody said...

I was in the same position. I found out about three weeks ago that I had to go through a year of a dr supervised diet, a nutritionist, a gym membership and a personal trainer.

So instead of spending my money on those things, I did some investigation and have selected the Mexico route.

Jody said...

I just noticed that you are from KC! Woo hoo! I wondered when I saw that you worked at Citi. I live in Platte City and work downtown. We will have to chat sometime.